5 Reasons Why a Photo Booth Needs to be Part of your Marketing Strategy

More than just suited to the domain of weddings or shopping centre malls, the photo booth is now a marketing powerhouse that drives branded content, captures consumer data and builds a brand story, with the consumer taking centre stage.

At a coveted event in downtown Sydney, Instagram influencers pout and pose in front of a compact beauty light ring. Once they’ve perfected the perfect shot, they type their phone number into the iPad and within seconds their phone beeps with an SMS. Their photo is ready to share to social media.

Meanwhile at a Spring Racing event in Melbourne, race-goers step onto a platform and strike a pose while a 360 camera rotates around them, capturing the ultimate selfie. Consumers give the ok for the brand to market to them post-event as they fill in an iPad data capture form. The branded 10 second slow motion videos are delivered via email instantly. The brand now has a new consumer to talk to post event, and they’re bang on target market. 

ProPix DSLR Event Photography at Fashion Week

Further afield in Margaret River, WA, attendees at a world surfing competition are snapping photos via Instagram. Every photo is printed on the spot and given to the attendee to adhere to a live ‘Social Mosaic’ that’s set up on site. Over the course of the event, hundreds of user generated photos are placed on the mosaic, to reveal a brand image promoting the campaign hashtag at the end of the event.

No longer an ugly box that sits hidden in the corner of your event or brand activation, the photo booth is experiencing a resurgence. Today, photo booth is a collective term for an entire suite of photo, video and gif experiences. It’s a marketing powerhouse that drives branded content, captures consumer data and builds a brand story, with the consumer taking centre stage.

Hashtag Prints at The Collective Event

Here are our top 5 ways to leverage the photo booth as part of your marketing strategy.

1. Build user-generated-content

More than 80% of consumers say they are their purchases are at least somewhat influenced by user-generated-content. The challenge is to ensure your event attendees are capturing content at your event and sharing it with their friends online. A photo booth hired for your next brand activation or corporate event is a fast-track way to generated literally hundreds of pieces of branded UGC that consumers feel compelled to share. The outcome? Reaching hundreds or even thousands of new consumers with your branded content.

2. Collect consumer data

A slick data capture form that’s completely customisable and built into the photo experience means minimal friction in collecting that all-valuable consumer data and building your email marketing list. When consumers step into a photo booth, they can’t wait to view the images that they create. Sliding a data capture form into the process so that consumers need to share their details in exchange for the photo is quick, easy and pain-free.

3. Inspire influencers to share

If you’re hosting an influencer event or expecting influencers to attend your brand activation, conference or corporate event, chances are you’re counting on them sharing content to social media to leverage your influencer investment. What better way to ensure they get great content that they feel compelled to share than a photo booth. From creative backdrops, to styled sets or unique photography experiences, the photo booth will shine the best light on influencers and instantly provide them content they love to share.

4. Build your content library

One of the common challenges a brand faces is lack of content to share on its owned social media channels. Hiring a photo booth for your event will not only generate loads of content for consumers to share, but will also provide you with an incredible library of content that can be repurposed across your channels. Each and every image captured and shared through the photo booth will be provided to you post event to integrate into your marketing materials and social media channels.

5. Add to the event experience

Corporate events are no longer just about canapés and a glass of wine. Event attendees seek out immersive experiences that can work as an ice breaker and a bit of fun. A photo booth rental will give guests something interactive to experience at your event. And there is no limit to the imagination - from aerial photo booths mounted over a bed, to ball pits, 360 degree cameras and everything in between - today’s photo booth is very much out of the booth!