Elevating Engagement - Three Strategies for Event Success

Above all else, your event should radiate excitement. Period. An event, from inception to post-event, thrives on an engaged audience: the hallmark of success. Engagement doesn’t just increase brand exposure and loyalty, it ensures attendees leave with a smile on their face. After all, no one wants to go to an event where there’s no buzz or excitement for what’s to come!

So, how exactly do you offer your audience a compelling reason to attend and genuinely want to be there? Well - the world of event production as we head into 2024 is brimming with opportunities, especially when you blend technology and boundless creativity into the mix. Read on to learn more…

Three ways to drive engagement at your next event:

1. Ignite Genuine Excitement

Above all else, your event should radiate excitement. Period.

You need to provide your audience with authentic reasons to engage and eagerly await the event.

It's not about merely checking off the standard event requirements such as food and beverage, music, seating arrangements, and speakers. You need to create tangible value and offer multiple avenues for connections among attendees and with your brand or business.

Surprise, personalise, and engage the right people who match your target audience. Tailor your event to the specific preferences of your attendees.

A recent event that Polite worked on with OMG XP x Vegemite drummed up massive excitement, with over 43,000 impressions in the four hours the event was live, plus post-event! We created a tailored photo booth experience for Vegemite’s 100th Birthday, using AI background removal combined with a funky Vegemite jar design which participants could “jump out of”. Trish Cavanagh, the original 1959 Vegemite girl was even there to celebrate (pictured in centre)!

Vegemite's 100th Birthday // PIXTA Pod with AI Background Removal

The proof is in the pudding (or in the Vegemite…), interactive technology helps to set events apart, engages attendees and facilitates connection.

2. Unleash Interactive Technology

Interactivity and engagement are inextricably linked. Mix digital event technology into the equation and you’re in luck. Interactive technologies increase DELIGHT. They surprise and surpass expectations and in some instances even help to break the ice.

At Polite Playground, we offer a diverse array of interactive technologies, from cutting-edge Photo Booths (plus add-ons such as special effects like AI, AR and green screens), to immersive 360 Video Booths, and our latest marvel, the Glam_droid – a robotic camera specialising in high-speed and super slow-motion video.

When it comes to content - photo and video reign supreme. They're personalised, and they offer a unique experience, distinct from what an everyday smartphone can deliver.

Other interactive technology such as our Customised Quizzes, inject an element of competitive fun while boosting brand awareness. And why not explore our Word Cloud Technology? A customisable projected display of words that elegantly traverse the screen. Attendees can pose questions through the website, displayed onsite via an iPad, with answers projected for all to see.

Ultimately “interactive activities are fun for attendees and create a memorable experience” (Source: Event Brite 2023) boosting overall engagement and hence an events’ success.

Colgate (Word Wall) // Vogue (DSLR Roaming) // Belle Laides (360 Video)

And of course it wouldn’t be an event without social media being a part of the mix, right?

3. Social Media (Pre, During and Post)

Leveraging the benefits of social media gives you the opportunity to keep the conversation going beyond an event, with attendees creating organic user-generated content, boosting brand authenticity and awareness as well as widespread engagement.

At Polite Playground we have the ability to integrate photo technology software with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Plus the option for direct download straight to your device!

Better yet, we can also help your business to collect useful insights and data (like reach, impressions and customer contacts) for you to use post-event, streamlining the social media marketing process.

In the social generation people love to share what they’re up to and creating content is a huge part of attending social events for many in 2023.

“When attendees are having a great time, they may be more likely to share what they’re getting up to on social media” (Source: Webex 2023).

By affording attendees the chance to create stunning branded content, you're not just elevating their social status, but you're elevating your business as well.

Schwarzkopf 2023 // DSLR Studio with AI Background Removal

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