Introducing Our Newest Toy - Social AR

Kicking things off in 2020 with a bang, Social Playground’s latest product fuses Augmented Reality with the photo booth experience for live events and brand activations. It’s the Next Generation Photo Booth 2.0.

Never one to sit on our hands, here at Social Playground we’re continually pushing the agenda forward with innovative new technology that’s memorable and highly engaging for event attendees and consumers.

So, with the recent rise in popularity of Augmented Reality, and the exponential growth predicted for the year ahead, we knew it was time to make it easy for our clients to integrate augmented reality into the event space.

We couldn’t wait to explore how we could turn the photo booth experience into something more; to allow our clients to further bridge the online and offline worlds through their live digital experiences.

Enter Social AR.

Because don’t we just love a product name with ‘Social’ in front of it?! But seriously, social is inherently in everything we do. It’s a social experience where event attendees come together to have fun and engage in a memorable brand moment. And what’s more social than sharing the experience with their friends and followers online.

Think Dallas Cowboys ‘Pose with the Pros’ - the hugely successful augmented reality stadium photo booth experience that’s been the talk of sports clubs around the globe.

social playground augmented reality pose with the pros app

social playground augmented reality app for brands and events

Social AR is the next level in photo booth experiences and it’s now available for a fraction of the cost that your digital agency is quoting you for (trust us!).

How it Works

We like to make it easy!

Pre-event, we’ll work with you to capture the content of the augmented characters you wish to use. This may be in the form of a studio shoot, or in sourcing animated characters to fit your activation.

On the day, we’ll install some pretty sweet touch screens into the event space and fire up our software. This is where the magic happens.

The rest is up to the consumer. They’ll pose, pout and do their thing in front of the camera. Prior to their photo being snapped, they’ll see an augmented version of their favourite sports stars or characters right there next to them.

social ar augmented reality for event activations

Want video? No problem, we’ve built our system to offer either still photos or short videos, both perfect for sharing to social media.

As always, all of the content will be delivered to the consumer instantly via SMS or email, and be viewable in a branded online gallery, ready to share.

Watch as your branded content garners exponential reach among your target audiences. And because it’s user-generated, it’s more trusted and more likely to get your brand noticed.