#TRENDING: Why Social Media is a Must-Have for your Event

3 minute read
Did you know that 72% of customers say that a friend’s social media posts about branded experiences encourage them to purchase from a brand? 92% of consumers trust recommendations from other consumers, above all other forms of advertising!

Hands up if you've felt a little FOMO (fear of missing out) lately?! Thanks to social media, we're sharing our event experiences - both the good and the bad - with our friends online.

Digital and social media has seriously changed the way that we connect with our audiences. Branding and marketing success is now measured far beyond event attendance.

In the age of live video, virtual reality, social photo booths and everything in between, our audiences today expect more than simple information. They expect to be ENTERTAINED and ENGAGED at events and beyond!

Most of all, they crave an experience that they can share. Social media has become an intrinsic part of how people experience almost every event.

Driving social media engagement shouldn’t be viewed as an afterthought, it’s integral to turning a good event into a great one that extends reach beyond the event itself.

Research proves that content about branded experiences has a direct and powerful impact on a consumer’s brand affinity going forward.

When it comes to integrating social media into events, we’re not just talking about choosing a hashtag and sticking a sign on the wall (yawn). Building a robust social strategy takes time and effort - but the ROI pays off.

Social Playground are your experts in branded experiences and social content that's infinitely shareable and drives ROI. By taking a social-first approach, and baking social media into your events, we can help you to achieve tangible, measured results.

Eager to learn how to make your event infinitely shareable?