When it comes to innovation and trends, Robotics is at the top of the list of what people want to see

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Robotics presents a new opportunity to engage, particularly within the events industry. Existing as expressions of human social interactions and activities, it’s only fitting that events also reflect the technological advancements we’re seeing in other facets of life.

Given the complexity of events, involving numerous moving parts, diverse stakeholders, and high stakes, robotics emerges as a pivotal tool in creating seamless experiences. This, in turn, allows event staff to allocate more time to tasks demanding a human touch, as observed by Adam Parry from Event Industry News.

Enter Glamdroid® - the game-changing robotic camera technology for the events industry.

Glamdroid® takes all the excitement of high-speed robotics and super slow-motion video capabilities - made famous by Cole Walliser at the Oscars and Met Gala, and puts it within reach of agencies, brands and even private events.

Glamdroid® is capturing attention and giving its users that instant gratification, and the imminent dopamine hits drive content. It’s elegant, creative, interactive, and above all, it adds an element of fun to any event. Glamdroid not only enhances value and engagement, but also sets your event apart.

At Polite Playground, our approach is simple yet highly effective:

  1. Participants strike a pose
  2. Glamdroid® captures their content, incorporating pre-programmed branding and effects
  3. Participants receive their content;
  4. Easily share online!

One seamless process facilitated by the Glamdroid® robot and Polite Playground’s team. With add-ons such as: data capture; Glamdroid® branding; screen hire and signage, Polite Playground can help you to host the best event possible, with invaluable insights. This process represents the shift in robotics and technology more broadly. Scott Likens, PwC’s Global Artificial Intelligence Leader, highlights the significance of “hyperconnected networks” like Glamdroid® and data capture enabling machine-to-machine interactions on a massive scale. This empowers them to monitor performance and optimise operations. (Source: PwC - Essential Eight Technologies)

It's an exciting time to be at the intersection of robotics and events. Whether you're an event professional looking to elevate your offerings or a brand seeking to make a lasting impression, consider the limitless possibilities that robotics can bring to your events.

If you’d like to explore how Glamdroid® can transform your next event, Let's Chat!

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