Live Feeds

Showcase content live and in the moment.


Add feeds from multiple sources such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Dropbox, Photo booths and more. Upload native content to integrate your brand.


Pick from multiple themes, templates, colours and backgrounds. Work with our team to add your branding and logos and own the content hub.


Play your slideshow on any screen or projector at your event or within your venue. All we need is a Google Web Browser and an Internet connection.

Showcase Content.

There's nothing more impactful than showcasing hundreds of photos of consumers interacting with your brand or event, live on the big screen.

From photo booth content to hashtag feeds, our live feeds bring together content from multiple online locations, and showcase in a visually appealing display.

live social media feeds, social walls in sydney, melbourne

We had the best time. Your staff were so great. The gifs turned out perfectly.


Real-time Engagement.

Tell your brand's story with content aggregation across you owned or user platforms.

Stay in control with automatic curation and moderation available via a simple interface.

Build trust, grow engagement and increase conversions. Display your content anywhere, anytime