Virtual Booth

Photo marketing for live, hybrid and virtual events.

Engage Audiences at Virtual or Hybrid Events.

Virtual Booth offers an online photo booth experience for virtual event attendees.

Attendees visit a web URL to capture and share their content. Your branded overlays are applied instantly. Photos, gifs or videos can be captured, personalised and saved instantly for social sharing.

All of the virtual content can be compiled into an online gallery at your hybrid event - bringing your virtual and live audiences together.

Drive Branded Content at Live Events.

At live events, the Virtual Booth offers a Covid-safe photo booth experience for in-person attendees.

Attendees simply scan a QR code to open a web URL where they can capture a photo using their own device. Photos, gifs or videos are personalised with your branding and background replacement, then ready to download and share to socials, or instantly print onsite.

There's no need for a stationary photo booth - every attendee holds the photo booth in the palm of their hand.

Virtual Booth Features.


Scratch and Win competitions built into the experience increase user engagement.

Avatars or Group Shots.

Bring together people who are virtually apart. Digitally place people together in a photo with branding and backgrounds.

Stickers & Digital Props.

Enhance and personalise the user experience with customised brand stickers to add to each photo.

AI Background Removal.

Increase engagement and add more branding to the content with AI Background Removal.